BONUS: Frank Oz at Star Wars Weekends 2015, Part 1

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Friday June 12, 2015 will go down in history as the day Frank Oz attended Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to talk about his career as Yoda and his many Muppet characters.  James Arnold Taylor interviewed Frank Oz at the “Stars Of The Saga” Show each day of SWW Week #5, and we have 2 full shows to share with you.

We want to thank Kevin Raider-Nerd Reitzel for being there to record when many Skywalkers and fans could not. Thanks for sharing with us all, Kevin! Be sure to check out Episode 82 when it airs, for Kevin Raider-Nerd Reitzel’s recap of SWW2015 Week 5.

Thanks to Chickaphant for the photos!

How head on over to BONUS: Frank Oz at Star Wars Weekends 2015, Part 2

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