Classic Marvel STAR WARS Comics #34: THUNDER IN THE STARS - ONLY on YouTube from now on

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics Issue 34 “THUNDER IN THE STARS” (January 1980) features a compelling finale between Luke, Han, Leia vs. Baron Tagge’s Omega Frost! Today’s issue features situations reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, plus some amusing lines foreshadowing this film.

Richard and Sarah discuss this comic, the artwork and writing, and find FTOOM! Fast Facts (classic comic people or places that appear now in Star Wars books, comics and films). Ready? VOOORP!!

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics has MOVED to YouTube! Watch “Thunder in the Stars” and read along with us.

YouTube is the ONLY place where you can listen and watch these episodes from now on. Since this comic series lends itself so well to a visuals, they will no longer be on the Skywalking podcast feed. We will continue to describe the issues as we’re talking, for those of you who are visually impaired.

You should also be able to download this video to watch back later. (Please let us know if there’s an issue with this)

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #34 “Thunder in the Stars!” Description:

Title: “Thunder in the Stars!”
Release Date: January 22, 1980
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artwork: Carmine Infantino, Bob Wiacek, Petra Goldberg
Cover Art: Carmine Infantino, Bob Wiacek
Editors: Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin


Baron Orman Tagge is kept under heavy sedation on the orders of his brother Silas. Meanwhile Han Solo is leading the Rebel Fleet to the planet Junction under the impression that the Omega Frost is going to be unleashed on the Rebel supply planet. But that was a ruse, in reality the weapon is targeting the Junction asteroid corridor just as the Rebel fleet is to pass through it. 

Luke had escaped in a TIE Fighter but the ship has been sabotaged and he is forced to abandon before it crashes into one of the asteroids. With no way to warn the Rebels that they are entering into a trap, he finds and destroys one of the towers which generates the Omega Frost effect just as the Rebel fleet is entering the weapon’s range. 

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