Immerse Yourself in ALT DELETE – An Interactive Theatre Experience Set in the 80’s

One of the most highly-anticipated events every year is ALT DELETE – the new interactive theatre experience from creator Jon Braver and The Great Company. This year’s offering is a sci-fi micro experience that takes you back in time to solve a complex and fun mystery. ALT DELETE is located at the Dragon and Meeple restaurant/gaming lounge in Downtown Los Angeles, and tickets can be found here.

ALT DELETE – The Story

Based off the hit interactive play Delusion: The Blue Blade, creator Jon Braver weaves a spin-off chapter from the epic saga Rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell, wielding the famed Blue Blade, created a black market time travel business. Professor Lowell is as elusive as she is wealthy, but every rip in time she creates for her clients leaves a path for pursuers. And there are plenty.

Covering Evelyn’s tracks is the job of her Underwriters (you!); assessors of danger and eliminators of risk. There’s been a breach in Professor Lowell’s Computer Lab in 1982. Time to do your job.

For a limited time with limited guests, experience the interactive chapter before it’s wiped from existence. Remake history, and play your part.

What To Expect

This 20-minute time travel experience takes a group of six into a side room where you have to enter a code that was covertly given to you earlier. That leads you on a search for a clue hidden in one of the dozens of board games in the main area of Dragon and Meeple. Once found, you travel back in time to 1982 where the incident took place. 

The story picks up fast and furiously from here. You are now in Eveyln’s office which is dressed in artifacts from the early 80’s such as an Altered States movie poster, a boombox with cassette player, IBM computer with floppy disk drive, a bulky office land line telephone, upright arcade game. There was also a movie poster for The Last Starfighter which didn’t come out until 1984, but I guess it was hung there by a previous time traveler. 

Now you and your group have to work together to figure out a mystery with the aid of character that was brought back to life thanks to your time travel. The experience turns into a puzzle room where you have to clean up the trail that Dr. Lowell has left behind and the Underwriters need to erase the evidence of the prior invasion that left the ransacked office a web of intrigue.

ALT DELETE is a prequel to the previous experience, Blue Blade, and fans may see callbacks and easter eggs. However, if you’ve been to this past show and are expecting that same level of stunt work from the actors, this is scaled back. And that can be a positive thing, if you expect the same experience every year it can run itself dry. This is a more intimate but fast-paced story. If you like 80’s nostalgia and puzzle rooms, ALT DELETE is for you!

The Venue: Dragon and Meeple

ALT DELETE runs Wednesdays until Sunday until November 24th (however the 24th is already sold out) at the Dragon and Meeple in Downtown Los Angeles near USC. It’s worth the trip just to check out this venue! Stacks of boardgames line one wall, while a bar encompasses the other. In between are several large wooden tables, perfect for playing any game you like. And for a bar, the music is relatively low so you can actually hear everyone talk and create fun memories together.

Buy Tickets

Where: 3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90007
When: September 18th, 2019 through December 15th, 2019
Shows run every Wednesday – Sunday from 5:40pm – 11:40pm

Tickets: Tickets are on sale now

Social Media: @thegreatcompany |
@enterdelusion | #playyourpart #bluebladesaga

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