Marvel Rising: Initiation

by Kai Charles

There has been a lot of buzz about Marvel Rising so I decided to take the time to binge the first six shorts entitled Marvel Rising: Initiation.

It didn’t take long at all! About 22 minutes gives you insight into the characters and situations around Rising. What I liked most about the intro episodes is how quickly paced and new-viewer-friendly the series was.

The story centers around Captain Stacy and the police focus on capturing the Ghost Spider ( Gwen Stacy, aka SpiderGwen to comics fans).
S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Quake ( Daisy Johnson) and the young hero Patriot agree to focus on catching the vigilante.

The remaining episodes focus on Patriot’s attempts to capture Ghost Spider as fan favorite heroes Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl also go after her. There is so much in these shorts to thrill comic fans, The voice cast and animation is amazing and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dove Cameron’s large fan base follows her on this journey with the Ghost Spider.

I’m now well prepped for Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors – a bone fide animated film that Sarah recently attended the press junket for. So dive into these shorts and get ready for the action-packed film available NOW wherever you watch Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Watch Marvel Rising: Initiation Right Here

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