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Anthony Daniels – On The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Hope, Fun and Joy

We have a special Life Day treat for you – a discussion with legendary C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels. In part to promote the NEW LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special available now on Disney+, Daniels answered several questions about the original Star Wars Holiday Special and, of course, the making of this new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. He may have also let slip a tidbit about MORE Holiday Specials to come! Time to geek out with the golden droid!

How “Ralph Breaks The Internet” Press Conference Turned into a Therapy Session

Ralph Breaks The Internet Press Conference was by far one of the most enjoyable press conferences I’ve ever attended. Cast and creators shared a ton of behind-the-scenes stories. Sarah Silverman (voice of Vanellope) and John C. Reilly (voice of Wreck-It Ralph) proved that they are very good friends and hilarious comedians in real life. Jack McBrayer (voice of Fix-It Felix) has incredible timing and his accent is to die for. Taraji P. Henson swears, but only to make a VERY good point.