TALKING APES Holiday Special: Unproduced Script Read with FULL CAST

Happy Holidays to all of you apes, gorillas, orangutans, chimps, and you damn dirty humanoids! After a very long hiatus (apologies once again), we are back with a HOLIDAY SPECIAL. In this episode we finish our series on the Planet of the Apes unproduced TV script breakdowns with “Hostage.” But this time we bring in a full cast! We had a blast going through this script and even left in a lot of bloopers, gaffes, and screw-ups. 

“Hostage” was written by Stephen Kandel, who has written scripts for Star Trek, The Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Dukes of Hazzard, Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, Batman, CHIPS, Love Boat, Dynasty, Hart to Hart, and The New Mike Hammer.  “Hostage” is dated April 5th, 1974. 

Story Synopsis

Galen, Virdron, and Kovack stumble upon the meeting place for the UFF – United Freedom Force – which is an outlawed civil rights group composed of humans and apes who wish to overthrow the Simian government and replace it with a more tolerant system. 

Full Cast Credits

Richard and Kevin would like to thank Sarah Woloski, Mark Oguschewitz (, David Braun, Anthony Pomes, Patrick Izzo, and Bryn MacKinnon for their participation and hard work. And a big thank you to those who sent in holiday greetings including Bobby Porter and Paul Williams. 

Now go ape, and have a happy and Urkotastic holiday season!

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