TALKING APES TV: “The Liberator”

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Hey Hey Ape fans! Welcome back to Talking Apes TV! We are the podcast that takes an entertaining look at each episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series from 1974 to find out why it still stands up after 40 years.

“The Liberator” is the 13th episode of the series and the most controversial because of its subject matter of slavery and atomic bombs. Many sources list this episode as “Unaired” – possibly because it was pre-empted in one or two major markets. However, both CBS-TV records and Neilsen Ratings data testify that it was shown in some areas.

In “The Liberator” Alan, Pete and Galen are captured by a village who is forced to give up five human slaves to their ape overlords to work in the mines. The leader of the village sacrifices the unwilling humans to their god in a fatal ceremony. The temple where this is held turns out to be an ancient ruin where a poisonous invisible gas is manufactured.

We also reveal the final winners of our Planet Of The Apes TV soundtrack! Thanks once again to LaLa Land Records for donating these CD’s.

Next week we look at the FINAL episode, “Up Above The World So High.” After that we have so many great episodes planned such as Ape interviews with fans, actors and authors as well as starting up the Planet Of The Apes Animated Series.

Until then, GO APE!

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  1. Thank you for providing all the details behind this episode. I do not remember seeing it back in 1974, it must not have aired in New York City due to its subject matter.

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