Marvel Rising Hasbro Figures Celebrate Diversity

New and adorable Marvel Rising Hasbro figures started appearing in toy aisles at Target on October 1st. The initial seven figures accompany a multi-platform animated Marvel series which can be found on the Marvel HQ YouTube Channel and your Disney Channel App or TV. This animated series is amazing. AMAZING!! How many times can I say how amazing this show is?? I was struck most by how the female characters are drawn and portrayed. They are realistic. 

Now, I love Disney animated films, but Ariel’s waist is impossibly skinny. Belle’s limbs are long and lean. The list goes on for all the Disney Princesses. But now, look at Squirrel Girl – she has normal, thicker thighs. Ms. Marvel is tall and gangly. America Chavez has a very curvy, large figure. These women make sense. And the Hasbro figures follow suit. 

I am so jazzed about these figures! Thanks to Disney for sending me Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Patriot and America Chavez to review. 

Unboxing and Video Review

Squirrel Girl is by far my favorite. Why? Because she reminds me of ME! Out of the four dolls, she’s the smallest, curviest and cutest. She has a short waist and bigger hips, small arms and muscular legs. I’ve always been the shortest and curviest in my “pack”. I COMPLETELY identify with Squirrel Girl and would have absolutely adored this figure as a kid. Plus, she has a fuzzy, soft, pet-able tail. What’s not to love?

I was so enamored with Squirrel Girl that I took her on a field trip to my local Pumpkin Patch. She fit right in.

Patriot sports a red, white and blue onesie. Each figure comes with an extra object. Squirrel Girl has her friend Tippy-Toe. Patriot has his shield, which can attach to his arm. Unfortunately the shield does not open up like it does on the show, so if you want to Patriot to “fly-surf” with the shield, it will have to be in your imagination.

America Chavez comes with a “star punch” symbol. It attaches to her wrist so it looks like she’s punching stars! She is as tall as Patriot, and quite a bit taller than Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. Her arms, legs and torso are longer as well. I LOVE this diversity! It unfortunately makes it hard for these figures to swap outfits, but I give this a pass.

Ms. Marvel is packaged with her giant hand!! Look carefully inside the box, behind the front label, and you will see her normal-size hand. Be careful and take that out before you throw away the box! I almost missed it! 

True to the show, Ms. Marvel has skinny arms and legs, and is much thinner and leaner than her curvy friend, Squirrel Girl. Once again, I love this. Ms. Marvel is also several shades darker, another check mark to diversity of race. 

Where Can I Buy These Marvel Rising Hasbro Figures?

Marvel Rising Secret Warriors Figures are available at Target, Disney Stores and at Each of the figures I reviewed retails for $19.99. There are different versions of 11-inch-scale figures for every budget, though. The “Training Outfit” dolls retail for $12.99. The “Secret Identity” dolls have multiple outfits and several accessories for one figure, and those are $24.99 to $29.99. I’m a big fan of changing clothes, so as a consumer I’m going to go out and buy the Secret Identity Squirrel Girl figure.

Marvel Rising Hasbro figure - Squirrel Girl

Because it’s the season, there are also some ADORABLE costumes for kids available in the Halloween aisles. Your child can dress as Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel or Spider-Gwen for trick-or-treating adventure! Happy hunting!

Where Can I Watch the Show?

You can watch Marvel Rising: Initiation RIGHT NOW! Each episode is about 22 minutes. Here’s the first episode to get you started:

The 80-minute film – “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” is available on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

If you’d like to learn more about Marvel Rising from the creators and voice cast, check out my Red Carpet Premiere coverage with Cast and Crew interviews.

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