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The first time we were ever on a podcast was when we were guests on a show called Average Intelligence with the Average White Guys. The show is hosted by Gary Oransky and JediN8, who have gone on to become good friends of ours. This week, we talk Star Wars, Disney and what directions fans have been taking their level of fandom. We also discuss the new music video parody of Pharrell Williams’ Happy by the Star Wars Tunisian fan club, and now we cannot get that blasted song out of our heads!

We also have updates on Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation. Did they meet their $50k goal so they can finally finish their 26-years-in-the-making fan film? (Can’t tell you here but big congrats to Chris and the Raiders Guys.) Lightspeed to Main Street takes a detour over to Hogwarts to see the progress on the new Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction.

What was Richard doing 34 years ago this week? According to the journal he kept from 1978, he was seeing Close Encounters Of The Third Kind with future Skywalking Through Neverland east coast correspondent Jim Pruy.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention, lucky for you Richard was there with a dinosaur of a video camera to record the whole thing. This week we play a few more minutes of George Lucas’ very first convention appearance. It’s great to hear the questions that were eventually answered within the next 25 years. One question? “Would you want to work with Disney again?” If we could go back in time, we’d give him 4 billion new ways to work with Disney again!

And remember, never land on Alderaan…

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