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Two sisters (and best friends!) share their love for all things Disney through adventures, Disney news, hot topics, history and more. Let Courtney and Kelly be your Guides through Disney Fandom.

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About the Hosts

Courtney Turckel

Courtney Turckel

From the moment I could talk I was a Disney fan. All of my favorite movies are Disney films. Being a performer myself (dancer), I relate so much to the park, I even got to perform down Main Street once!! I dance Ballet, Tap, Jazz, lyrical, and Hip Hop, and even taught dance in my later years. I have performed at the Staples Center, the Thousand Oaks Civic Center and Reseda High School with the Marge Patka Dance Studio. I was also captain of my high school dance team.

The Disneyland Resort has become a second home to me, my sister Kelly and our friends. We try to go to the parks at least twice a month but every once in a while we will make a weekend out of visiting the parks. Of course the goal is to visit all Disney theme parks around the world, but I have a special place in my heart for the ones in California and Florida and can’t wait to get back!!

Disney has always been my top fandom but I also love Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars and DC Comics. 

Kelly and I are so excited to be sharing our new adventure with all of you and we are going to have many adventures to report on from disney trips to conventions as well as smaller events, Disney news and reviewing movies and TV shows. Come join us!!!

Kelly Turckel

I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t a Disney Fan. Growing up in the 90’s we had all the Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin plus all of the Disney sing-alongs and lesser-known Disney sequels like Aladdin: King of Thieves.

My favorite time of year was when the Disney Channel was free for the weekend and I would binge-watch as long as my parents would let me. Or we would receive a special VHS tape from our grandmother, who would record everything Disney Channel. Being able to go to Disneyland a couple times a year also cemented my Disney Fandom. I am a huge fan of the Disney parks and hope to make it to all of them someday.

In February 2018 and February 2020, Courtney and I fell in love with the Florida parks as well. As sisters, we love to travel together and do lots of fun events including D23 Expos, special screenings on the Walt Disney Studios lot, museum exhibits and tours and we love sharing them with you! I am also a fan of Harry potter, Marvel, Universal theme parks and movies.

I also love the performing arts and frequently go to plays, concerts and musicals. I started dancing and performing at the age of three and continued to perform with the Marge Patka Dance Studio up until the studio closed in March 2020 due to the Pandemic. I have taken lessons in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, lyrical, Hula, Tahitian and Hip Hop. I have performed at the Staples Center, the Thousand Oaks civic center and Reseda High School with the Marge patka Dance Studio. I have always felt like the stage is a second home and Neverland Clubhouse gives me a new stage to play on.


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