Neverland Clubhouse #1: “Sisters, Tonight We Fly!”


Neverland Clubhouse Premiere episode! Two sisters, Kelly and Courtney, take you to different park lands to share Disney adventures & more.

Welcome to the Neverland Clubhouse! Here you leave today, and venture into adventure, excitement and nostalgia. This is the Disney podcast where two sisters, Kelly and Courtney, take you to different park lands to share Disney adventures, stories, news and so much more.

First the sisters whisk you off to Fantasyland to introduce themselves to all of you! They answer important questions like, Which Disney villain would you be and why? On a bad day, who is more like a princess and who is more like pouty Tinker Bell? What do you disagree on?

Then it’s off to Adventureland to share a visit to the Disney Exhibit at the Bowers Museum in Anaheim, CA. Inside the Walt Disney Archives: 50 years of Preserving the Magic contains memorabilia, movie props, costumes, ride vehicles & over 400 more pieces that tell the story of the Archives, The Walt Disney Company and Walt himself. 

Kelly and Courtney welcome Richard and Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Through Neverland) to the show as all 4 discuss their experience at the world premiere of the Disney+ Original Series, The Right Stuff at the Disney+ Drive-In Festival on 10/5. The sisters were among the first to hear about this new series, because they attended a panel and photo op at 2019’s D23 Expo. Enjoy some photos from both these experiences!

Tomorrowland = Disney News! Here are the topics discussed:

Courtney and Kelly celebrate the Halloween season at The Hollywood Studios Backlot, where they share their Top 5 favorite Halloween movies you can find right now on Disney+. Do you think Hocus Pocus could be among them??

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