Pop Culture Trivia – Fridays at 6:30pm PT

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Every Friday, test your knowledge and have some fun with Pop Culture Trivia – live-streaming at 6:30pm on Twitch.tv/skywalkingpod.

WHEN? Fridays at 6:30pm PT

WHERE? twitch.tv/skywalkingpod


  • Click to join the live-stream at twitch.tv/skywalkingpod at 6:30pm PT. (We will still be multi-streaming to Facebook or YouTube)
  • Have another browser tab or your mobile device ready and type in “crowd.live” in the browser bar.
  • From there you will enter your name, email, and a special Code Word we will give you for each Trivia Round.
  • Trivia is always Multiple Choice – A,B,C or D. The faster you choose an answer, the more points you get. But be careful, because you’re stuck with the answer you pick!


Just a little taste of Trivia Night! Each week we have 4 rounds – each round written by us or one of our participants. It’s highly interactive and entertaining. We’ve had categories such as:

  • Ghostbusters Trivia
  • Home Alone Trivia
  • Dogs in Disney Films
  • Cats in Disney Films
  • Name an Older Actor from a Young Photo
  • Clueless Trivia
  • 80’s Pop Song Lyrics
  • Presidential Films
  • Space-inspired Films
  • Wanda/Vision Trivia

Just to name a few! Have we enticed you enough? Well join us this week!