The new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission: Breakout! just opened at Disney’s California Adventure, along with a whole slew of Avenger activities, food and shows. Naturally we had to check it out and report back. Anthony Fox (MousePire Podcast), Bekah Goodman (Bekah’s Buttons) and Josh Taylor (Network 1901) joined in our discussion of all the new experiences. Here’s a playlist of all the great things you can check out at Summer of Heroes, including a meet and greet with Groot!

We’ve waited over 20 years and now it’s finally here – a live-action Wonder Woman stand-alone film! Here is our controversial, in-depth, spoiler-filled Wonder Woman review. We had differing opinions on casting, story and female-only screenings. Where do you stand? One thing we can agree on: Gal Gadot (and her costume) is amazing.

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