191: Gina Rock, Disneyland’s Flying Tinker Bell


Ever wonder what it’s like to soar over Sleeping Beauty Castle while fireworks boom all around you? To be the symbol of Disneyland’s magic gliding across the sky? Gina Rock IS Tinker Bell. Specifically the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history, from 1983-2005. We are delighted to welcome her as our guest, and her stories are almost unbelievable. Hold on, was she the first…Jedi Tink?? **gasp**

Bob Iger has announced a new Star Wars trilogy helmed by Rian Johnson and a live action Star Wars TV Show!! We record our reactions live as Skywalkers weigh in with their comments. When and where could these new Star Wars creations be set? Let’s discuss.

Would you like Gina Rock’s autograph? Head here.

Also on this episode:

  • Skywalker Shout-outs and Skywalker of the Week
  • Disneyland After Dark Ticketed Event on January 18, 2018
  • NEW Porg BB-8 Mickey Ears Button and T-shirt Design


11/24-11/26: LosCon 44 in Los Angeles, CA. Details Here

12/30/17: The Last Jedi screening at Jordan’s Furniture IMAX near Boston, MA. Details Here


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Never Land on Alderaan!

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