Skywalking through The Muppet Show! February 19th marks the first time all five seasons of The Muppet Show (1976-1981) will be available in your homes – streaming on Disney+. With that in mind, Mark Oguschewitz – the biggest Muppet fan we know – joins Richard and Sarah for a 2+ hour celebration of Muppets. First, Richard gives us a mini-Muppet Primer – history of how the Muppets evolved and became the Muppet Show. Then we share our favorite Muppet Show moments, favorite and least favorite Muppet, and ask intriguing questions. If you could bring a star of today back to The Muppet Show who would it be? Who do we wish appeared on the show before it stopped airing? Please share your thoughts with us, too.

Richard and Mark with Sweetums

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