STN 320: Corey Dee Williams & Stephen Costantino – Podcast Party with Jabba’s Henchmen!


It’s a Podcast Party with Corey Dee Williams and Stephen Costantino as they reminisce about their time playing Jabba’s henchmen in Return of the Jedi! Corey played Klaatu and also doubled for his dad Billy Dee as Lando Calrissian. Stephen played a Gamorrean Guard – both had a blast during the filming of the Sail Barge Battle back in 1982. So many great stories, they even share tales that the other didn’t know!

Corey and Stephen are musicians, and they are working on a project called 3-Dee Nucleus, collaborating with about 30 musicians. It’s a tremendous project! Check it out, as well as Cloud City Funk, a completely awesome music video rife with Star Wars actors and cosplayers.

Also on this episode:

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