It’s a special Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness bonus episode! Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff, now Scarlet Witch, must contend with what they both have done to the Multiverse. In this episode, Richard and Sarah break down the film and share their thoughts on the characters, genre and scenes. Where do our favorite characters go from here?? What do we think of a horror film in the MCU? We also share your thoughts, too. As with any of our breakdowns, this episode DOES contain spoilers. 

Full Synopsis:

The film opens as America Chavez and an alternate version of Doctor Strange flee through the space between universes to find the Book of Vishanti to stop a demon chasing them. (The Book of the Vishanti contains spells of defensive magic and is indestructible. Its counterpart, the Darkhold, contains all the knowledge of black magic). 

Chavez makes it to Earth-616 and is saved by Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme Wong. She tells them that she is being hunted because she has the power to travel through the multiverse. 

They soon realize it was Wanda who is hunting Chavez down to gain her power so she can cross the multiverse and find her kids, Billy and Tommy. When Strange refuses to surrender Chavez, Wanda attacks Kamar-Taj, killing many acolytes. Chavez then accidentally transports herself and Strange across the multiverse to Earth-838.

While searching for help, Strange and Chavez are arrested by Earth-838’s Karl Mordo and brought before the Illuminati, which consists of Mordo himself, Captain Peggy Carter (from the animated series, What If?), King Black Bolt (who is part of the Inhumans), Captain Maria Rambeau (from Captain Marvel), Doctor Reed Richards (from the FF), and Professor Charles Xavier (from the X-Men). 

Mordo believes our Earth’s Strange is dangerous, but before they can pass judgment, Wanda arrives and kills the Illuminati, except Mordo. Strange and Chavez escape with help from Strange’s ex-fiancé Christine Palmer, who is an Illuminati scientist in this multiverse.

Escaping from Wanda, the three enter the space between universes to find the Book of Vishanti, but Wanda appears and takes over Chavez’s mind, using her powers to send the others to a sinister, mostly-destroyed universe. Strange and Palmer fight the sinister universe’s Strange, who has been corrupted by the Darkhold. Strange uses this Darkhold to dream-walk into the corpse of the alternate Strange which remained on Earth-616 and save Chavez. Unable to overpower Wanda, Chavez instead transports her back to Earth-838, allowing Billy and Tommy to witness her evil. The kids are terrified by Wanda, who is there as the Scarlet Witch, but after realizing how much death and destruction she’s caused, Wanda uses her powers to destroy all copies of the Darkhold throughout the multiverse, seemingly sacrificing herself in the process. 

Before Christine returns to Earth-838, Strange tells her that he still loves his universe’s Christine but has always been too scared to have a real relationship. America begins training as a sorcerer at Kamar-Taj.

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