We continue our look back at Disney classics with 2008’s animated film BOLT! David Dollar and Jenn Novotny of The Main Street Electrical Podcast join us to share their stories and thoughts on this 48th Disney animated feature. Starring John Travolta, Miley Cyrus and Susie Essman, BOLT! was directed by Chris Williams (Big Hero 6) and Byron Howard (Tangled/Zootopia). BOLT! marks the end of the studio’s early 2000’s growing pains, and we explore all the ways in which this movie is a stepping stone into Disney’s Renaissance Revival beginning with 2009’s Princess and the Frog.

BOLT Synopsis

Having spent his life on a film set, Bolt believes he has super powers. When he thinks that his “person”, 12-year-old Penny, is kidnapped, Bolt runs away to try and save her, but ends up getting shipped cross-country to NYC. 

Out in the real world, Bolt accumulates a team consisting of a sarcastic alley cat named Mittens, and “Bolt super-fan” hamster named Rhino. They embark on a journey back to L.A. to find Penny, as Bolt gradually learns that he does not have powers and must learn that he belongs in the ordinary world, as an ordinary dog.


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