Sci-Fi Costumes with Augusta Avallone - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Loki, and Star Trek Picard. Episode 416

Augusta Avallone is a treasure-trove of sci-fi costume knowledge, and a talented seamstress! She worked in the costume departments of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Trek Picard S3, and Loki. She also hosts a great panel, “History of Sci-Fi Costumes” which we saw at WonderCon and she tours around to many conventions. Costumes speak to the audience and tell them exactly what you need to know about characters. From natural fabrics and armor to lamé and spandex, science fiction has a rich history in the manner characters are represented. We learn about this history, and dive deep into the costume departments of all the shows she’s worked on.

Then, we take a turn and talk about Augusta’s second career – as a Burlesque dancer! This is quite the episode.

Tuesday, April 18 was the first Disneyland After Dark Throwback Nite – celebrating the 1950’s and 60’s of Disneyland. Richard and Sarah share their experience – would they do it again? Listen and find out!

Watch the video version above, or listen to the audio version below.

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