Skywalking to John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl!

We have a special treat for you. On September 3 we braved crowds, traffic and Hollywood to attend the ‘Maestro at the Movies’ – John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl.’

It was the first of a 3 night engagement, and what an amazing event. Composer David Newman conducted the first half, and after the intermission John Williams took the stage. You’ll hear some clips from the concert, plus a recording of us and our Skywalkers reviewing the high points about the night as we waited for the Bowl to clear out.


Richard and Sarah Woloski

Courtney and Kelly Turckel (Neverland Clubhouse)

David Skale (the Rebel Spy)

Listen to the Entire 2-Hour Concert of John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl

As a treat for the Skywalking Force, the entire concert can be heard and seen as a Patreon exclusive at This is the ENTIRE CONCERT. We recorded several parts with video, and I’ve created this video version just for our Patreons, where those visual moments are synced to the audio. You can also listen to the concert on the special Patreon podcast feed. Check it out at

John Williams Hollywood Bowl

We hope you enjoy this special Bonus Episode!

John Williams Concert from 2019

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