BREAKING NEWS! C-3PO Replaces Captain Rex in new Star Tours!


Please see yourself out Captain Rex as you are being replaced by C-3PO as the pilot of Star Tours StarSpeeder ship. The decision was made when a YouTube video to replace the “Old and Tired” droid went viral. Don’t worry Rex fans, though he has been demoted, you’ll still be able to see him somewhere down in the Star Tours line-up queue.

A cast of hundreds of Star Wars characters and performers – including Anthony Daniels, who has played the golden droid C-3PO since the first film debuted in 1977 – converged on Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the launch of the attraction destined to send millions of guests on virtual journeys throughout the Star Wars galaxy.

Fittingly, the launch of Star Tours anchored the opening day of Star Wars Weekends, a popular event in the park celebrating the Star Wars legacy with special shows, presentations, motorcades and memorabilia. Star Wars Weekends continue each Friday-Sunday now through June 12, 2011.

The attraction in Anaheim began soft openings on May 20, with the official opening in the morning of June 3, 2011. Star Tours attraction closed on April 2, 2012 in Tokyo, and reopened as the revamped attraction on May 7, 2013. In Paris, Star Tours attraction was the final incarnation to change; it closed on March 16, 2016, and reopened as The Adventures Continue on March 26, 2017.

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