Classic Marvel STAR WARS Comics #13 with Randy Martinez


“At last! Beyond The Movie! Beyond the Galaxy!” reads the cover of each issue of the Marvel Star Wars comics from 1977 and beyond. Richard, Sarah and Star Wars artist Randy Martinez dive into these classic Marvel Star Wars comics from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In this episode we look at 1978’s Star Wars #13: ’DAY OF THE DRAGON LORDS!’. Is this a “filler episode”? Why is Chewbacca about to kill Luke Skywalker?? Randy Martinez gives us an update on his Star Wars Celebration Orlando official Art Show exclusive art. Richard, Sarah and Star Wars artist Randy Martinez dive into this classic Marvel Star Wars comic.


Release Date: April 11, 1978

Writer: Archie Goodwin

Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter

Penciller: Carmine Infantino, Terry Austin

Cover Art: John Byrne

Synopsis: Luke Skywalker has been forced to join Governor Quarg’s group in their battle against the Dragon Lords. Meanwhile aboard Crimson Jack’s space cruiser, Han Solo is trying to talk his way out of trouble when Jack realizes that they have been duped into coming to Drexel. But Quarg’s jamming equipment on the planet’s surface causes a disruption on the space cruiser, which is enough of a diversion to allow Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia Organa to escape in the Millennium Falcon to the surface below. The Falcon splashes onto the water covered surface of Drexel, right in the middle of an epic battle between Quarg’s men and the Dragon Lords with Luke Skywalker caught right in the middle.

Join us as we review the story and get an artistic analysis from Randy Martinez. Learn more about Comic Book Legend and artist John Byrne. We then go over our favorite panel, favorite line and most un-Star Wars moment from this issue. We asked for your opinions on the cover art and you came through with some great feedback.


Have fun with us and may the classic comics be with you…


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