Culture POPCast #2: Composer Ryan Shore on Star Wars and Julie Andrews


ON THIS EPISODE: Composer Ryan Shore (Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures, Julie’s Greenroom) shares his process working in the Star Wars universe, as well as composing with Julie Andrews! These stories are priceless.


This is the Culture POPCast where we have conversations, interviews and games revolving around pop culture from the vintage era to today. Today is the second in a series of episodes focusing on one-on-one interviews. We recorded these at Wondercon 2019 with several creators working in the TV and film industry.

Julie’s Greenroom

Ryan Shore was particularly happy to talk about Julie’s Greenroom – a Netflix Original series that is basically Julie Andrews with muppets! Ms. Julie teaches performing arts workshops to kid puppets of every shape and color at the Wellspring Center for the Performing Arts. The goal of the show is for all the “kid puppets” to put on their own musical performance by the end of the series. Ryan was able to work with Julie Andrews directly, and I asked him what he learned from this amazing woman.

Star Wars

Ryan has also been blessed to work in the Star Wars universe. He has a challenge composing bite-sized nuggets that go along with Lucasfilm’s YouTube series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (2-3 minute episodes) and Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures (1 minute episodes). In the case of Galaxy of Adventures, the name is longer than an episode! Ryan talks about scoring for these shorter shows.


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