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On our premiere episode of Skywalking Through Neverland, we share with you our meeting with J.J. Abrams. Some may call it stalking, we call it a meeting. We also take you though all the big franchise films that are coming out along with Episode VII in 2015. This will be the year that fanboys and fangirls get nothing else done but watch Jedi, Avengers and Superman taking on Batman!

It’s Halloween at the Disneyland Resort! We visit the park on opening night, Friday the 13th (Bwoo-ha-ha) and tell you all about the dance parties, lines, new merchandise and more lines.

Our first Tiki Cantina has four fangirls sitting at their roundtable discussing the pros and cons of the label, ‘nerds’ and their lust, oops, love of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

See/hear Richard’s stash of vintage videos in ‘Star Wars in Vintage Pop Culture Pt.1’. There’s lots more in our first episode, tune in and join the celebration. And remember, Neverland on Alderaan.

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