Episode 102: Journey To The Stars


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It’s a Star Wars music episode! Composer and recording artist, Tom Ameen, is releasing his first STAR WARS themed album on piano, entitled “Journey To The Stars.” He is a delightful guest and we can’t wait for December 7th and the release of this album! (7:21)

KevinRaider Nerd Reitzel is getting ready for the AMC Star Wars Saga movie marathon that leads up to THE FORCE AWAKENS. He is a veteran of these marathons and has some great tips and great stores. (1:04:50)

We also have another installment of Inspirations: The Music of Star Wars Rebels where we focus on Kevin Kiner’s score and his inspirations for particular themes and orchestrations of “Blood Sisters” and “Stealth Strike.” (49:09)

Also on this episode:

  • Things We Want To Share – THE FORCE AWAKENS Skywalker Listener Meet-up on 12/30 in Anaheim, CA Event Details (4:35)
  • Skywalker Shout-Outs & Skywalker Of The Week (43:55)


12/30/15: Let’s watch THE FORCE AWAKENS together at Downtown Disney in Anaheim! Event Details

1/16/16: Star Wars Half Marathon Birthday Meet-Up at Downtown Disney! Anaheim, CA Event Details

4/14-4/17/2016: Star Wars Half Marathon Meet-up at Walt Disney World!


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