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It’s Part 2 our interview with Tinkerbell animation reference model, Margaret Kerry! She talks more Tink and let’s us know what she thought of Saving Mr. Banks. We then surprised her with a set of customized fairy wings made by Angelia Doyle of On Gossamer Wings (make sure you check out the video).

Speaking of Angelia Doyle, she is our guest in TikiCantina. How does she make these fabulous wings? How did she become a wing-maker? And what was her reaction to Margaret Kerry wearing a pair of HER fairy wings? Find out here!

Joey Pittman, The newest Skywalker to Skywalk Through Neverland, checks in and gives us a rundown of Wizard World Portland Comic Con. Dave Skale gives us Part 2 of The Rebel Spy where we go further into the adventures of Star Tours.

“Together again, huh?” “Wouldn’t miss it.” We’re not referring to the lines spoken by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi, we’re referring to James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher together on The Big Bang Theory. What would “Mr. Earl Jones” and Sheldon do if they ever spent the day together?

As always, thanks for listening (and watching) and remember, never land on Alderaan!

In case you missed it – Episode 15: Tinkerbell Talks! Margaret Kerry – Part 1

Our Guests

Margaret Kerry – Original reference model for Disney’s Tinkerbell.

Angelia Doyle – Wingmaker and Owner of On Gossamer Wings and an uplifting Facebook Community

Dave Skale – Magician and Owner of Life Of The Party

Joey Pittman – Skywalking Through Neverland Reporter

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Margaret Kerry Tinkerbell Episode 16

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