Episode 27 Audio Only: Saving Mos Espa

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This is a great time to be a Star Wars fan! And there really is no better time to belong to one of the many clubs where fans from around the world join up to talk about, and celebrate the last 37 years of the saga, as well as look forward to what’s about to come our way with new films, television shows and conventions. FYI: There is only one Audio-Only Episode this week. No Video-cast.

In this episode we talk to Mariem Oueslati from halfway around the world! She is one of the founders of The Star Wars Tunisia Fan Club. Lately they created and appeared in the Star Wars ‘Happy (WE ARE FROM TATOOINE)’ video that went viral, and the Fan Club is also partnering with the Tourism Chamber for the Oasis and Sahara Regions, which has launched the operation, Save Mos Espa, which is helping to save the Tatooine sets used in The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones.

And if that wasn’t enough, they are planning a big bash for the upcoming Star Wars Day known as May The 4th. If you happen to be in Tunisia that week, join them for cosplay parades, a viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope and many more surprises.

Were you all like us on April 19, hovering over your computers, iPhones, iPads, waiting for Star Wars: Rebels news from WonderCon 2014? We heard from Dave Filoni about who was returning from The Clone Wars crew, a sneak peek (or sneak listen) to the new theme song, and attendees saw an exclusive clip featuring Hera Syndulla blasting away Imperial TIE Fighters.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any more out of Dancing With The Stars, they give us Disney Night! We talk to long-time viewing veteran of DTWS, Sarah’s mom! We discuss the highlights, real-time animated graphics and dancing with animated penguins.

Dave Skale is back with his retrospective series on the ultimate Star Wars and Disney mash up – Star Tours. In this edition of The Rebel Spy we talk about the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Richard and Sarah get a chance to weigh in about their Disney dark tale experience that was the official opening day debacle of the new ride prequel.

And remember, never land on Alderaan!

Our Guests

Mariem Oueslati – Star Wars Tunisia Fan Club supporting the Save Mos Espa Indiegogo

Dave Skale – Magician and Party Entertainer

Norma Jean Heitman – Sarah’s Mom!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 27 Audio Only: Saving Mos Espa

  1. Hi guys, as regards the ‘Map’ of Star Wars locations, surely the best place to begin is with Mark Dermul from Belgium, who organised the ‘Save The Lars Homestead’ campaign – he’s published a very comprehensive book with all the locations, maps and GPS coordinates for every SW location in Tunisia. Great podcast, thanks for entertaining me as I work!

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