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Hey Hey Skywalkers!
On this week’s episode we tell you about our limited experience at San Diego Comic Con. We were only there one day but we met Dave Filoni, Sam Witwer and Ashley Eckstein. We also learned of another Star Wars: Rebels secret (SPOLIER ALERT), it’s going to feature the first Kenner toy based on a vehicle not seen in the movies!

Don’t worry, we were thinking about you the whole time. We collected as many swag items as we could for our SDCC SWAG BAG GIVEAWAY. You can enter here:

Are you a GEEK or or you a FAN? If you don’t know the difference listen to our discussion on this week’s Tiki Cantina. We are joined by Scott Murray of the Assembly Of Geeks podcast and Mark Oguschewitz who is the creative director here at Skywalking Through Neverland. When does one become the other and what is the point of no return?

There are still many people who have not heard that touching story by Kevin Smith about he visited the set of Episode 7. We’re going to play that audio in today’s show as well as include the “PS” that he shared at Comic Con.

We also have part 2 of Jim Pruy’s segment “Not Gonna Have It” where Jim goes off on the STAR TEAM line of toys from the 1970’s. These were the Ideal line of Star Wars knock-offs that included characters such as Knight of Darkness and ZEM-21. But which really came first Star Wars or STAR TEAM…..

and as always MUCH MUCH MORE! Neverland on Alderaan!

Podcast Guests

Scott Murray – Creator and Host of Assembly Of Geeks

Mark Oguschewitz – STN Creative Consultant

Jim Pruy – STN East Coast Correspondent

Podcast Links

Our SDCC Blog with lots of PICS and our story!

Thank you Rob Dehlinger for some awesome musical compositions sprinkled throughout this Episode. Check him out on his website.

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