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Time to get the scoop on the secret behind the voice of Chopper in Star Wars Rebels! There is one little girl who was told this coveted information by Dave Filoni while on stage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. We have Eliza Peralta here and we’re going to ask her ourselves. Will we learn the secret??!? (01:22:23)

Speaking of Star Wars Rebels, the Season 2 premiere, “Siege Of Lothal” just aired, and we discuss the nods, winks and Easter Eggs with Jeff Roney of the Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast. Sarah also discusses the nods and winks within the soundtrack. It’s a tiny “Star Wars Oxygen”-style analysis. (20:42)

Catching up with our Star Wars Celebration Anaheim interviews, we talk with Steve Gawley, model maker of the Star Wars saga. He spoke with us for quite awhile and we learned a lot! (01:14:09)

Also on this episode:

  • James Horner tribute (01:30:52)
  • Skywalker Shout-Outs (01:09:22)
  • Skywalker Of The Week (01:09:22)
  • D23 Expo News (9:32)
  • SDCC News (3:29)

And remember…NeverLand On Alderaan!

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