Five Frozen II Quotes for Mental Health Monday


by Kai Charles

I really wasn’t prepared for the emotional impact the Frozen II had on me. Several quotes from the film resonate with me weeks after viewing. In honor of Mental Health Monday, I wanted to explore five of them and what makes them so special. 

1) “The Next Right Thing” 


This powerful statement and song from Anna has been in my thoughts a lot lately. It can be so helpful for those struggling with depression and anxiety. I’ve used it as a focusing tool for days I’ve been overwhelmed and I find it instantly calming. 

2) “I can really use a Bright Side” 


Olaf is a constant source of positivity in Frozen II. It’s the beautiful innocence of a child, and yet when Anna asks this of Olaf it’s because she is overwhelmed by the repercussions of her and Elsa’s adventures. It is very healthy to express negative emotions but also balance them with acknowledging the good that can flourish in the darkest of times. 

3) “Fear is what can’t be trusted” 


Nothing feels good when you’re afraid. And the thoughts that come into our mind when we are afraid are a reflection of fears’ imbalance. This advice is a good lesson for us all. 

4) “You Are the One You Have Been Looking for Your Whole Life” 


Frozen really succeeded in subverting the normal trajectory of the Disney Princess by not ending with a wedding. For many fans over the years there has been speculation about Elsa. Would she have a relationship in the sequel? And if so, would it be a traditional one or more diverse? What viewers see is a woman who fully accepts her past and all of her gifts. In essence Elsa realizes her relationship with herself is the one that is most valuable for the moment. It doesn’t mean that Elsa won’t have any type of romance in the future, and it’s a beautiful message to make yourself a priority. 

5) “The One Constant Thing is Love” 

Anna and Elsa

Kind of self-explanatory no? But something we all need to hold onto. It was amazing watching Elsa and Anna learn the true fate of their parents and learning how they risked all for the love of their children. 

Happy Monday! I hope you take some of these quotes to heart and take the best care of yourself!

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