Are you ready to go back to Disneyland? Is your body ready?? Welcome to our series, ‘Getting Back in Disneyland Shape’ where we get your mind and body ready to go back to the happiest place on Earth.

Disneyland Shape Part 1: STAMINA!

Get ready for all the walking you’ll be doing at Disneyland and DCA throughout a full day at the Disneyland Resort. We also have a helpful list of attractions and restaurants that will be available when the theme parks reopen on April 30, 2021.

Disneyland Shape Part 2: EATING

No matter what, you’re going to be eating things that aren’t the best for you at Disneyland. So this video will help you prep and prepare for all those calories. Plus we have a few tips for snacks you can find throughout the Parks.


What to pack?? Some items are obvious, but others you may not have thought about. And Disneyland has some changes and new rules. So watch this handy guide, which also has a few things suggested by YOU, our Skywalkers. This advice is SO helpful – we followed it for our April 30th Disneyland trip and it made all the difference.


This is it. We’ve prepped you with a 10-hr homework assignment, eating healthy beforehand to counter-balance the monte cristo sandwich or Gibson Girl ice cream, You have your backpack all packed. Now, It’s time to prepare your final checklist for your trip to Disneyland!!

We hope these videos were helpful. For even more prep, we recommend checking the Disney Parks Blog for more handy tips. Want more YouTube fun? Check out this video.

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