“No Princesses Club” on Disney, Indiana



Tracey from the Disney, Indiana podcast invited Sarah and Cindy to join her for the “No Princesses Club.” What is that, you may ask? Well, I got to pick my favorite three non-princess females under the Disney umbrella and talk about them! And so did Tracey and Cindy – It’s a fun, female-focused discussion.


From the show notes:

In today’s episode, co-host Tracey invites a couple of fellow podcasters to the Ink and Paint Club to revisit the No Princesses Club concept. Sarah from the Skywalking through Neverland Podcast, and Cindy from the Super Mates Podcast, along with Tracey discuss their top three female non-princess characters, along with some runner-ups. Scott joins back in to wrap up the show with some listener feedback and a sneak peek for the next episode…

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