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  1. Hi! Although I do enjoy your podcast very much, what little I have heard of it, I am actually very new to listening to podcasts. So I don’t have an opinion so much as I have a question, if that’s alright with you. I was just wondering if your casts are downloadable. That is to say, in a permanent form, and not streaming. My phone has very limited data but I would love to be able to download at home on wi-fi and listen to your podcast on the bus and the train et cetera. Thanks very much for listening and keep up the great work!
    ~Eli 5

    1. Hi Eli! They are downloadable. You can go to the Podcasts App on an iPhone, or download the Stitcher App on an android. That would probably be the easiest way to download and listen. Otherwise, on our web pages, you can click on the “Direct Link” button underneath a Podcast player and I believe that will download to your phone. Hope that helps!

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