The Galaxy Needs These Joyful Books Right Now

Do you need some ideas of what to do with your kids while we’re all stuck at home? Star Wars books to the rescue! Recent books published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press provide cute, fun, opportunities, especially for younger readers, with two of these recent releases written by Caitlin Kennedy.

R2-D2 is Lost!

Star Wars R2-D2 is Lost! is very much like C-3PO Does Not Like Sand!, which was also written by Caitlin Kennedy and illustrated by Brian Kesinger in that it follows C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 visit a planet from one of the episodic Star Wars movies. In Star Wars R2-D2 is Lost!, these droids visit the forest moon of Endor, with R2-D2 getting upset at the attention that C-3PO receives from Ewoks.

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The Mandalorian Poster Book

Star Wars The Mandalorian Poster Book is exactly what it sounds like: a book full of posters from the first season of the popular show, The Mandalorian. With eight roughly 11″x16″ pages with posters on both sides, there are 16 posters included. While many of the posters feature the titular character, Din Djarin, and some of his Mandalorian cohort, the real star of this poster book is really The Child. In divvying up the posters from this book with my daughters, all of us wanted posters of The Child, so we had to ration who got what.

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The Galaxy Needs You

Star Wars The Galaxy Needs You, provides various sayings and affirmative statements about abilities while following Rey’s journey. Illustrated by Eda Kaban and, like R2-D2 is Lost!, written by Caitlin Kennedy, this book is not narrative in nature, yet displays Rey’s journey in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and some of The Rise of Skywalker. Throughout, this book is a cute, encouraging read.

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