Star Wars Resistance FlyBy – “Signal From Sector Six”


Introducing an ALL NEW PODCAST: Star Wars Resistance Flyby! We buzz through each of the 22 episodes of the new animated Disney Channel/XD Series, Star Wars Resistance. First thoughts, Easter eggs, questions & musical breakdown of “Signal from Sector Six”

All Wings Report In for this STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY of “Signal From Sector Six”! This week, we discuss S1 E07 – gundarks, rathtars and reeks, oh my! And Poe Dameron is BACK! Hear why this just may be our favorite episode so far.

Richard calls out Creature Appearances, and this week that’s half the show! I talk about musical moments, especially the “monkey-messing-around music”. We also share our first thoughts, questions raised by the episode and our favorite moments.

“Signal from Sector Six”

Directed by Sergio Paez
Written by Brandon Auman

Kaz is unexpectedly sent to meet with Poe to check on his undercover progress when a distress signal sends them to a damaged starship. As representatives of the Resistance they board the abandoned ship to aid any survivors, only to find unfriendly lifeforms aboard – Kowakian Monkey Lizards! Poe and Kaz also find an unconscious Mirialan female and deliver her to safety on The Colossus, narrowly avoid being eaten by the biggest Kowakian Ape Lizard you’ve ever seen! All is not what it seems, however, as Synara, the alien they rescued, contacts her pirate partner, Kragan Gor who sets a new plan in motion…

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Fly-BYE for now, Skywalkers.

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