This afternoon during SDCC@Home, Lucasfilm Publishing announced the much-anticipated third wave of Star Wars: The High Republic, coming January 2022. During the panel, hosted by Star Wars: The High Republic Show host and consummate all-star Krystina Arielle, each author summarizes their latest work and what they are currently working on. The High Republic publishing initiative sees the Jedi at their peak, but the horizon brings darkness beyond imagination.

Where The High Republic is Now

The High Republic opens approximately 200 years before Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The galaxy is at peace. But it’s Star Wars, not Star Peace. Space Vikings called The Nihil caused great disaster in hyperspace. The Jedi defeated the Nihil, but not really.

In late June, wave two just kicked off, which sees numerous civilizations coming together on the planet Valo to celebrate the galactic fair and feel of galactic unity. But The Nihil returned, bringing with them the Drengir. The Nihil maliciously attacked the fair, which caused the Jedi and the Republic to go on the offensive. Marchion Ro has the Jedi exactly where he wants them.

Now that we’re all caught up, where do we go from here?

Cavan Scott

Scott’s novel The Rising Storm, which started wave 2, was released on June 29. One of Scott’s upcoming projects includes the IDW miniseries, The Monster at Temple Peak, which features former Jedi and current mercenary, Ty Yorrick who first appears in The Rising Storm. Scott also has an audio original titled Tempest Runner coming on August 31. The Monster at Temple Peak debuts on August 11. 

When asked how Scott approaches writing The High Republic, he linked himself as a detective hunting a serial killer with lines drawn to each character, making sure he knows where everyone is at all times. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Star Wars unless the most beloved characters are put in the worst imaginable situations.  

Daniel José Older

Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower also debuted on June 29. In addition, Older is penning the third Young Adult novel as part of Wave 3, titled Midnight Horizon (Disney Lucasfilm Press). Older describes Midnight Horizon as a chaotic mess in the best possible way. So like Twitter, but better? Cool. Older also revealed that he is writing an issue of The High Republic Adventures set to be released on Free Comic Book Day in August. And as previously announced, Older is also writing the Trail of Shadows series for Marvel coming this October. 

Justina Ireland

Ireland’s novel Out of the Shadows is the next novel coming on July 27. In Out of the Shadows, Sylvester Yarrow is a deep-space hauler who is down on her luck. She recently lost her mother to The Nihil, and work just isn’t paying the bills. After getting attacked by The Nihil for the second time, Yarrow decides to go to Coruscant to tell the authorities that The Nihil are real and need to be defeated. 

For Wave 3, Ireland was tapped to write the third Middle-Grade novel, Mission to Disaster (Disney Lucasfilm Press). In September, Justina Ireland is co-writing a manga series with Shima Shinya, with illustrations by Mizuki Sakakibara, called Edge of Balance, due out September 7. Edge of Balance follows Jedi Lily Torosai, who is sent to Banshee to help resettle refugees from the Great Disaster. 

Charles Soule

Soule opened The High Republic saga with the tension-filled Light of the Jedi back in January. Next up for Soule are two 30-page issues (Marvel Comics) called The Eye of the Storm that will tell the backstory of Marchion Ro. 

Claudia Gray

For the third wave and the book that wraps up Phase One of The High Republic, Claudia Gray will write the third adult novel, The Fallen Star (Del Rey). Here is a summary of The High Republic: Wave 3:

The Light of the Jedi goes dark! 

Wave 2 of the multi-format, cross-publishing initiative began in June, with both The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott and Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel José Older debuting on the New York Times bestsellers list. In addition, Out of the Shadows by Justina Ireland releases on July 27.

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