What do historical figures and comics have in common?


Fernando Del Rosario, College Professor and Creative Director, would say it is
Superheroes. In his own words:

Superheroes. Yes, they exist and have walked among us. They are the Martin Luther King Juniors, the Albert Einsteins and the Bruce Lees of the world. Like many of the Superheroes I grew up reading in comic books, these people were not always perfect. They made mistakes, they struggled and they had failures. But more importantly, they got back up and tried and tried again. This original art collection is in honor of what has inspired me throughout the years and an expression of my creative perspective. I personally invite you to my exhibit that has been 31 years in the making.


Fernando chose quotes from famous individuals, pairing them with thoughtful and specific comic book artwork from his own collection. What follows are images from the art show, and it’s up to you to find the story within the pictures.


Head on over to Fernando Del Rosario’s website to view more artwork from his amazing career in Advertising. Contact him if you are interested in any of these amazing pieces!

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