236: Bryce Eller is Darth Vader

Part 1 of our exclusive, deep-dive discussion with Bryce Eller! He is the man inside Darth Vader. In the 70’s and 80’s, whenever we saw Darth Vader on TV or making live appearances, Bryce (who used to go by Kermit Eller) was the man. And now he is making his Star Wars podcast debut with us, on Richard’s 50th birthday episode!!! Get ready for some amazing stories.

It took years to track down Bryce Eller, and this discussion was made possible by our new Skywalking Bounty Hunter, Shamim Dana! He joins us to discuss his Star Wars fandom and the 1000’s of autographs he’s collected since 1996.

Darth Vader Live Appearances by Bryce Eller 1977-1982

Partial list of Bryce Eller’s Darth Vader appearances (Compiled by Shamim Dana)

  • 5/20/77 – American Booksellers Convention – San Francisco, CA
  • 8/3/77 – Grauman’s Chinese Theater – Hollywood, CA
  • 9/25/77 – Toys R Us – Torrance, CA 
  • 4/3/78 – 50th Academy Awards Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA
  • 4/8-4/9/78 – Library Expo – Westgate Mall – Madison, WI
  • 5/11/1978 – Bradlees department store – Watertown, MA
  • 9/24/78 – San Anselmo Country Fair – San Anselmo, CA


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