126: Skywalking Through Rogue One with EW’s Anthony Breznican



Anthony Breznican, Senior Writer at Entertainment Weekly, is now the go-to guy for breaking Star Wars news, so we had to have him on as a special guest. You may have seen Anthony (@Breznican) moderating The Force Awakens panel at SWCA in 2015. Just last week he wrote several articles surrounding Rogue One characters and plot, plus 22 exclusive photos released by Lucasfilm. Our discussion spans Rogue One, Kathleen Kennedy, a tram tour with Steven Spielberg, Anthony’s book Brutal Youth and the art of journalism. Come take a deep dive with us! (20:13)

Our book analyst, Drew Kaplan (Jocasta Drew) is back to give a spoiler-free review the latest from Disney-Lucasfilm press – ABC-3PO! He even brought along a special guest, his 7-year-old daughter Sophie to give us her insight. Be warned there will be controversy! (1:47:05)


Also on this episode:

  • Movie Review – THE BFG. With a Spielberg/Williams/Mathison pedigree, does the film itself hold up? (7:33)
  • Skywalker Shout-outs and Skywalker of the Week

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