Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 is in mere DAYS, and we’ve put together a complete Celebration Survival Guide so you can navigate your way through all 5 days and 4 crazy nights! Skywalker Matt Clifton (Fandom Podcast Network) joins us again to share TONS of tips. Terrie Lee (Part of the Skywalking Force) also joins us in her Skywalking debut. Between the four of us we have different points of view, decades of Con experience, advice and tips to share with you.

Where We Will Be:

SWCC Podcast Stage: Skywalking Thru Neverland Interactive Advntr

Party event by Skywalking Through Neverland on Friday, April 12 2019

  • Star Wars and Tourism Panel: Richard and Sarah will join James Floyd and friends. We talk all about visiting Star Wars shooting locations.

Star Wars Tourism: Visiting SW filming sites worldwide

Event in Chicago, IL by James Floyd on Saturday, April 13 2019

  • Fangirls Going Rogue Podcast Stage!

SWCC Podcast Stage: Fangirls Going Rogue and the Yub Cubs

Party event by Fangirls Going Rogue and Tricia Barr on Saturday, April 13 2019

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Our third Skywalking Force Exclusive episode is all about HOME ALONE! Richard and I sat down to watch this holiday classic and recorded a commentary!  Find out how you can become a part of the Skywalking Force and unlock this content right here.

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Never Land on Alderaan!

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