257: Weird Al Yankovic is Skywalking Through Neverland!


Weird Al Interview!

Weird Al Yankovic joins us on this episode!!! We talk his Star Wars fandom, his latest tour – Strings Attached – and he answers questions we’ve had for decades. Ironically the only subject we didn’t cover was his tour with The Monkees! I guess we’ll have to have him on again. Big thanks to Shamim Dana, the STN Bounty Hunter, for making that happen and connecting us to the right people.

During Weird Al concerts, he brings up to 8 Stormtroopers and Darth Vader on stage for his encore. David Braun was one of those stormtroopers for several concerts, and shares his stories. 

Disney+ is Moving In

More Disney+ news! What’s the first thing you’ll watch? We share our thoughts. Also, have you seen this brilliant Twitter thread in which all the official Twitter accounts “move in” to @disneyplus?

Disney on Twitter: “It’s moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go to @DisneyPlus? pic.twitter.com/bAFxRjT5aY / Twitter”

It’s moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go to @DisneyPlus? pic.twitter.com/bAFxRjT5aY

Click on the tweet above to see all the replies!

We also have shout-outs and Joshua Jordan shares his thoughts on his recent visit to Galaxy’s Edge.

NEW Galaxy’s Edge YouTube Video

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Never Land on Alderaan!

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