Star Wars: The Clone Wars Primer

We are joined by our SkyNet crew to talk all things Star Wars: The Clone Wars leading into its Season 3 release on 2/21/20 on Disney+!! Teresa Delgado (Sabers & Spells / Fangirls Going Rogue) shares her love for all things Maul while Christy Morris (Sabers & Spells / The 602 Club) brings us up to speed on Aurra Singh and the bounty hunters. We all share our favorite episode from each season of the Clone Wars, and how they may relate to the upcoming season 7. If you’re rusty, we even play bits of audio from the show that will jog your memory.

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Must-Watch Clone Wars Episodes:

We share our comprehensive list of Clone Wars episodes that will help you enjoy Season 7 even more.

  • Season 1
    • Ep 1: Ambush – Overall intro to The Clone Wars
    • Ep 5: Rookies – we meet the clonesEp 10: Lair of Grievous
    • Ep 19-21: The Ryloth Arc – we meet Cham Syndulla
  • Season 2:
    • Ep 1-3: Bounty Hunters arc – we meet Cad Bane and see the relationship between Ahsoka and Anakin build
    • Ep 12-14: First Mandalore Arc – this will lead into The Siege of Mandalore in Season 7
  • Season 3
    • Ep 12-14: The Nightsisters Arc – A different way to use The Force
    • Ep 15-17: The Mortis Arc – Force lore and Anakin’s role as “The Chosen One” are revealed. This arc has lasting implications on ALL of Star Wars.
    • Ep 18 – 20: The Citadel Arc – recommended by Tricia Barr, who has seen Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 7
  • Season 4
    • Ep 7-10: The Umbara Arc – State of the Jedi Order
    • Ep 21-22: The Return of Maul
  • Season 5
    • Ep 14-16: Maul and his brother, Savage Opress, travel to Mandalore to build a criminal empire.
    • Ep 17-20: True colors of The Jedi Order are revealed, and Ahsoka Tano pays the price.
  • Season 6
    • Ep 1-4: One clone, Fives, discovers a horrible plot that will lead into Order 66.
    • Ep 5-7: The return of Clovis and the Banking Clan
    • Ep 12-13: Yoda grows deeper in the Force through trials, and meets Darth Bane.

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