Today, Laura Sirikul (@lsirikul of Nerdist / Nerds of Color / The Hollywood Reporter) joins us to discuss her Mulan fandom. She grew up reading the ballad of Mulan as a kid and explains how important it was seeing a Disney character that looked like her. Laura also shares stories of when she visited the live-action Mulan set in New Zealand and attended the world premiere in Hollywood! We will also discuss Mulan vs. the live action Mulan, but will issue a spoiler-warning before we go into that part. So it’s spoiler-free for a good hour! released their Fall TV Preview with an exclusive first look inside at The Mandalorian Season 2. We share our favorite tidbits from the article and swoon over Baby Yoda. We had such a great partnership with GetVokl for ForceFest that they are starting up #StarWarsSaturday – open to all Star Wars shows! GetVokl is launching the soft start this Saturday 9/12 and we’ll be live at 6pm PT. Sign up for your own GetVokl channel with our referral link and you will receive 100 VCoin. For more info, check out this article by Megan Rickards (Future of the Force / From an Autistic POV).

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2 thoughts on “301: Mulan vs. Mulan

  1. Hey, hey! I just listened to this one, guys, and really enjoyed it! I was of much the same opinion as all of you about the new Mulan. It was enjoyable and I liked it as its own thing but, without the music, humor, and superior themes of the animated version, it really can’t compare. I did think the witch was a cool addition though. As for my favorite Disney live action remake, I’ve got to go with The Jungle Book. This may be heresy but I think it’s the only one of the live action remakes that I actually PREFER to the animated original!

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