Skywalker Music Video: Ariana Grande’s “Problem”


Skywalkers, Cosplayers and Fandoms unite! 

Join in on a worldwide collaborative music video!! Ariana Grande’s catchy song of the summer, “Problem” is currently breaking all kinds of iTunes records. 

So break out your iPhones and record yourself singing along (or lip-syncing) and dancing to the song with your galaxy, country, state, city or even your backyard as your backdrop. We will then edit the best segments together with your name and location to give you props. Please make sure if you shoot with your phone, shoot in landscape mode!

We are trying to emulate videos like this:

You can either do it as your cosplay character (preferred) or just yourself representing your fandom with a shirt or outfit.


We are very excited about uniting fans from around the world! Please have fun, get shooting and send your footage to by JULY 13th!

If you have any questions, please email us.

Video with lyrics:

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