Forget the major studios and movie stars, one of the coolest panels at Comic Con Special Edition was titled “Cardboard Superheroes” and the panelists were two kids. Connor and Bauer Lee are brothers and co-founders of the nonprofit of the same name. For years, they’ve been building models out of cardboard boxes, some life sized! And now they run free workshops at schools and museums as a way to promote artistic creativity. During the panel they talked about their inspirations and aspirations for the project. They also gave away Thor hammers made of cardboard at the end of the panel to everyone in the audience! For some reason, I didn’t get up to get one since I was staying for the next panel too. A big regret on my part, as I saw other fans having theirs signed by the brothers on their way out of the room.

Cardboard Superheroes is also one of the coolest exhibits at the new Comic Con Museum, which celebrated its soft opening the same weekend. Big and small, many fandoms are represented – Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney, and even Game of Thrones! When I was at the museum, Connor and Bauer stopped by to replace their enormous Hulkbuster build (which had been just a printout when we saw the exhibit because they had it at the convention center with them). They were kind enough to pose with their Comic Con logo, which they were taking out of the museum (I assume with permission, otherwise I witnessed a heist!) Check out these pictures from the exhibit, though I definitely also recommend going to see it in person if you can.

Connor and Bauer also put on a great virtual panel for Comic Con @Home 2020, which you can watch below. Check out their website for more of their cool builds and for free events so you can make your own cardboard superhero!

Cardboard Superheroes: Creating Cardboard Models of Your Favorite Superheroes | Comic-Con@Home

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