Disney’s next big animated blockbuster, Frozen, is here! We discuss and review it with cosplayers Angi Viper and Shawn Bean. Is this just another Disney animated film? Spoiler – Nope! Disney breaks tradition with its storytelling in a whole new way. We talk Disney and Star Wars but here we turn Trek. We talk to Ivonne Perez Montijo about working as a bridge crew member on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She tells us how she grew up as a fangirl before that phrase was even coined. The Star Wars Holiday Special lives on in a holiday greeting from Jedi Elvis and Marc Macalintal: a special take on Princess Leia’s Tree Of Life song!

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Special Guests:

Cosplayers Angi Viper and Shawn Bean

Actress Ivonne Perez Montijo

Princess Leia’s “Tree of Life” song (Jedi Elvis remix): Vocals by Jedi Elvis (Eric Cajiuat), musical arrangement and piano by Marc Macalintal.

 Frozen 11 Star Trek

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