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We have been counting down the days to Star Wars Weekends for the last few months on Skywalking Through Neverland, and now, it’s finally here! Disney’s Hollywood Studios kicked off a Star Wars summer just last weekend, May 16 – May 18.

Our good friend from Tricia Barr is here to tell us all about her awesome time at Star Wars Weekends Week #1! (She also is a Gold Medal Winner in the Independent Publisher Book Awards for her novel, Wynde! Congrats, Tricia!) She tells us all about her amazing time at Star Wars Weekends Week #1 as well as what to say when approached by park scavenging Jawa. She also tells all you Skywalkers how to prepare mentally and physically for the Floridian weather. One moment it’s burning up like Tatooine, the next you’re having torrential downpours like on Kamino. But in the end, these are memories you will never forget!

Zeroid. ZEM-21. Star Hawk. What do these names mean to you? Well, If you weren’t around in the 1970’s then they mean nothing. However, for the first generation of Star Wars fans they meant everything. These were the toys we were stuck with because Kenner didn’t have their line of action figures, playsets and Dip-N-Dots ready yet. Our east coast corespondant, Jim Pruy, introduces a new segment, ‘Not Gonna Have It’. Here, Jim talks in detail about the Star Wars rip-off toys and the frustrating Christmas when a Star Hawk ship was under the tree and not a Millennium Falcon! 

There are a million ways to say just about anything. But if you ask Denis Lawson (aka Wedge Antilles) he will give you the worst way. (Note to Mr. Lawson: instead of saying a role in Episode 7 will ‘bore’ you how about just saying, ‘no thank you’?) We rip into him in another new segment, ‘This Week In Great Career Moves’.

We also talk about the new rope-drop policy when it comes to meeting Elsa and Anna at Disney World. And where these two Frozen princess’ rank in the top 5 Disney princess’.

And remember…Never land on Alderaan.

Podcast Guests

Tricia Barr – Cohost of the Assembly of Geeks Podcast and Fangirls Going Rogue Podcast. Author of the novel, Wynde and

Jim Pruy – Skywalking Through Neverland East Coast Correspondent

Star Wars Weekends Episode 31 Tricia Barr

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