Episode 7: FINALLY! Star Wars Ep. 7 Release Date! Plus Stan Lee’s Comikaze


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We take you to Stan Lee’s Comikaze and discuss Star Wars Episode 7: Coming To Your Galaxy….at Christmas? Wait, what happened to opening in May like the previous six times? We weigh in with a discussion among Skywalking Through Neverland listeners and find “a different point of view”. Did you miss Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention last weekend? Don’t worry, we bring you with us as we talk to fans, cosplayers, The Clone Wars’ Ashley Eckstein, Mike Reed from Fangasm and Bonnie Burton (who reflects on drawing biblical pictures that include Darth Vader and pterodactyls.)

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Episode 7 Skywalking Through Neverland

2 thoughts on “Episode 7: FINALLY! Star Wars Ep. 7 Release Date! Plus Stan Lee’s Comikaze

  1. Wow! I feel as if I was there with you! I can’t believe how you were able to capture live on-site interviews with such amazing clarity! As always, your editing and sound design connect all the segments into a very cohesive and entertaining product. I’m enjoying this podcast more every week!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Zoom you recommended along with the cardioid mics really did the trick. I wasn’t sure how the sound would come out but when we got all the footage back to the computer, I was amazed at how little background noise there was!

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