Getting to Know Falcon & The Winter Soldier: A Comprehensive Comic List


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney + has given us moments of fast-paced action, solid emotional beats, and social discourse mirroring our own worldwide issues. For the characters, each episode peels away new layers, revealing more about their true nature. In case the strength of their stories in Falcon and Winter Soldier has piqued your interest to read more about their adventures, I put together a list of comic books to read that will expand your knowledge of Captain America, Falcon, and Winter Soldier.

Sam Wilson (Falcon)

  • Captain America: Sam Wilson – The Complete Collection Vol. 1
  • Collects Captain America (2012) #25, All-New Captain America: Fear Him (2015) #1-4, All-New Captain America (2014) #1-6, Amazing Spider-Man Special (2015) #1, Inhuman Special (2015) #1, All-New Captain America Special (2015) #1, Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1-6. Sam Wilson takes flight as the soaring Sentinel of Liberty – Captain America! Handed the shield by Steve Rogers himself, the former Falcon is joined by new partner Nomad to tackle threats including the fearsome Scarecrow, Batroc, and Baron Zemo’s newly ascendant Hydra! But stepping into Steve’s boots isn’t easy – and Sam soon finds himself on the outs with both his old friend and S.H.I.E.L.D.! Plus, the Sons of the Serpent, Doctor Malus – and the all-new Falcon! And a team-up with Spider-Man and the Inhumans! The headline-making Sam Wilson is a Captain America for today

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

  • Winter Soldier: Second Chances
  • Collects Winter Soldier (2018) #1-5. Bucky Barnes believes in second chances. Having survived death, manipulation, loss of identity, and a lifetime of murder, the man known as the Winter Soldier has worked hard to atone for his many sins. But now… he’s going to go one step further. What do you do after you’ve found redemption? You help others do the same! Bucky is working to help others leave behind their lives of crime. It’s his way of channeling his own pain in a productive, personal way — by helping others find the same salvation he’s discovered. But not all paths are the same — and not everyone can be saved. Is there any hope for RJ, Hydra’s teenage assassin extraordinaire, who’s been sent to kill the man he’s been modeled after, the Winter Soldier himself?
  • Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker: The Complete Collection
  • Collects Fear Itself #7.1: Captain America (2011), Winter Soldier (2012) #1-14. He’s been Bucky and Captain America — now, James Barnes returns to the role of the Winter Soldier! When ex-Russian sleeper agents awaken, the trail leads to Latveria, and Winter Soldier and Black Widow come face-to-face with Doctor Doom! Can Marvel’s superspies prevent war with Latveria? Can Barnes stop the sleepers he trained himself? Old enemies resurface with new identities, and Winter Soldier and Black Widow’s hunt gets personal after a savage murder. Now, Barnes must save the Widow from her own past! But even with help from Avengers teammates Wolverine, Captain America, and Hawkeye, the Winter Soldier must decide whether he is willing to sacrifice everything to save his love. Master CAPTAIN AMERICA writer Ed Brubaker wraps up his critically acclaimed run here — and nobody escapes unscathed!

Falcon & Winter Soldier

  • Falcon & Winter Soldier
  • An office of dead government agents. A gifted new killer. Two ex-Captain Americas…When a dramatic attempt on Bucky Barnes’s life reunites him with Sam Wilson, the two old friends are plunged headlong into a race to uncover the new leader of Hydra before a mass casualty event announces the terror group’s resurgence to the world. The clock is ticking…Derek Landy (BLACK ORDER, SECRET EMPIRE: UPRISING) and Federico Vicentini (ABSOLUTE CARNAGE: MILES MORALES) team up for a pulse-pounding action spectacular!

Links to read more stories about Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Captain America

Captain America and the Falcon #170 (Vol. 1) – “J’Accuse”
Captain America #117 (Vol. 1) – “The Coming of the Falcon”
Captain America (Vol. 5) #8-14 – “The Winter Soldier”

Captain America #332-350 – “The Captain”

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