by Derek Spier (@loni_spier)

On October 11th it seems everyone was having a Star Wars event and this Star Wars Dad (Derek) took his Padawan Fangirl on an exciting day full of Jedi and Mouse ears!

We started our day at our local Disney Store for the Star Wars Rebels event. These were held 3 times on both Saturday and Sunday.

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Each kid there received the cutest Rebel ID card to start off with and then the Cast Member told all the kids about Star Wars Rebels introducing the cast which was funny. I’m not sure if they we going off a script or if our cast member just didn’t know much about Star Wars saying “Chopper and R2 were the same and are made of spare parts” and “Ezra is a Jedi he just doesn’t know it”. But this event was for the kids so they didn’t notice . Unfortunately “if you’re a parent of a toddler you will understand” it became that time of day and my padawan was getting a little restless. So we grabbed our Stormtrooper mask to do at home and left to get a snack.

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Our next stop was Toys R’ Us! Toys R’ Us had a Star Wars Rebels build. I don’t think I can call this an actual event, more like a pit stop. Basically Toys R’ Us set out a table where we all lined up, picked up the instructions and pieces to build a mini Ghost and a poster. The idea of this is great and apparently they are doing an event every Saturday of October. So check online and pick up your Free Lego mini build. I did meet another Star Wars fan there and was so excited about my shirt he had to show me his droid R2-D2 phone he just couldn’t get rid of. But really who can complain about free Lego’s??

Our last stop was Barne’s and Noble for Star Wars Reads Day. This was our first year attending an event but I have seen photos from prior years. Our location was not one with a signing so I’m sure others had a different experience. We arrived just in time to hear the announcement to meet in the children’s corner for Star Wars Reads Day. I was surprised to find it was just the padawan and I. So we got our snacks and the store employee read Pablo Hildalgo’s new book Star Wars Rebels A New Hero. Afterwards we were given an activity pack (draw a cover for Clone Wars Magazine and a Yoda book mark) and 5 Star Wars books posters.

photo 4

In all it was a great Daddy Daughter day. The crowds were light so we got to experience everything we wanted and everyone loved our matching Skywalking Through Neverland shirts.

Well fellow Skywalkers, when you are on your next adventure –

just remember to Neverland on Alderaan!


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